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Professsional Karaoke  Speakers


Our KTV  series is two-way passive full range loudspeaker designed for karaoke box where seeks for best sonic performance. The Ki300 series loudspeakers consist of two models: Ki8310 and Ki8312 in its portfolio. The Ki8310 is upgraded from the classical KS8300 series with performance improvements. It utilizes two each newly designed 1" aluminum dome neodymium tweeters integrated with optimized multi-grid waveguide capable of reproducing rich clear sound out to 20 kHz. The woofers maintain the same rubber surround, but incorporate a newly formulated paper cone. The newly designed cone is lighter but more rugged than with previous designs, greatly improving sensitivity and durability. The Ki300 Series is the ideal Karaoke loudspeaker system to provide transparent and natural treble, warm and smooth mid-frequency, and powerful bass for clear and elastic drum sounds.

Our KTV-Pro G2 Series follows in the footsteps of the original and extremely successful KP Series. Replacing its predecessors—KTV-RPO4120 and KTV-PRO2000 Series—the KP G2 Series is Our flagship karaoke-speaker line and consists of 7 loudspeaker models that range from 10” to 15”. Designed for a wide range of karaoke applications and installations, the KP G2 combines excellent vocal and bass performance withreliability and a modern, sleek design.

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